Connexion zones

These connexion zones are spaces on thematic meetings. They are fitted out to be inhabited by various facilitators who will act as guides for the various planned activities.

Iteration and agility : Design sprint


This is a problem-solving method developed to create solutions to complex problems that’ll have major impact and success. La Fabrique_A offers an interactive workshop based upon the Design sprint method to help participants achieve initial validation of their idea without having to build an actual product. A fast and efficient way of reducing uncertainty and risks related to innovative products development. Created by Google Ventures to support their innovation teams evaluating which products (or startups) have a chance of making the cut, Design sprint trains innovation, puts forward a user-based way of thinking and unites teams with a shared vision. All of that while getting the markets approbation.




Food waste – Ecosystem mapping and promoting Moisson Estrie’s Nourrir l’avenir project. ( 1 h 30 PM to 4 h PM )

Now more than ever, our societies tend to support innovations and innovators that will help achieve the transition towards a sustainable ecological food industry.

Intitled « Rethinking food waste », we have designed a collaborative workshop that will become an opportunity to promote together Moisson Estrie’s Nourrir l’avenir project.

The main goal is to target relevant groups, businesses and individuals by using tools such as « Ecosystem Mapping » and « Impact Gap Canvas », in order to provide better solutions, create partnerships and to increase and promote the beneficial impacts of Nourrir l’avenir.

License and intellectual property


Manufacturer 4.0

Technology as a way of efficiency (1 h 30 – 2 h 30 PM)

This workshop demonstrates how available technologies and efficiency should go hand-in-hand (7 technologies of 4.0 industry), how these techs should help you attain efficiency and give you the upper hand in todays aggressive global markets instead of simply make you look hip or to get your hands on those government incentives. It explains the WHYs and the HOWs to raise your game, to work with only what you need and to finally take those small steps towards that big project…

Concretely, in the first part, you’ll be presented with the seven 4.0 technologies, after what you’ll be invited to try them out and identify your top 3, as well as the impact they could have on your business.

Humans in the 4.0 industry (2 h 30 – 3 h 30 PM)

With supporting evidence, this workshop establishes as fact that no technological shift can or will succeed without humans to support it.

Leads in with a 10-15 minutes talk about the failures and/or obstacles that were met by “early adopters”. Then, the workshop transforms into a think tank about the different human aspects involved in the participants own digital shift, identifying their business’ top 3 anticipated issues.

Q&A “Ask the experts” (3 h 30 – 4 h 00 PM)

Participants can directly ask questions to our panel of experts who, in turn, will give them answers.

Alexandre Dubé

President of Stratégie AgiLean

Amira Boutouchent

Co-founder at BRIDGR | Industry 4.0

Digital strategies and methods

Customer-Centric ?

One has to truly know his clients !

In any digital process, the customer has to be the key. Everyone agrees. Even if it can be tempting and less time consuming, you must avoid working on assumptions and generalizations, or relying on your last conversation with Mr.X or Mrs.Z. In order to make it all run smoothly, you have to find your perfect customer. Let us show you how !

As a bonus : a practical handbook to plan the launch of your e-commerce.


Gareth Morgan


Daniel Giroux

President of Axial Développement
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